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Summer just got HOTTER

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President's Message

As you may know, the President of the Suffolk County Court Employees Union, Mr. Chris Manning, has agreed to accept the same bad contract that C.S.E.A. Judicial just ratified. He seems intent on shoving this terrible deal down his Members' throats -- and they don't seem happy about it.

But, here's what's strange: he was part of our Court Union Coalition to stop C.S.E.A. from ratifying their terrible contract.

He agreed with all of us that it was a terrible offer. So much so, that he spent over $14,500.00 of his Members' money to join our Public Relations ad campaign.

Imagine how I -- and all the other Union Presidents -- felt when we heard he agreed to this O.C.A. offer.

I feel his actions sold out the coalition and sold out his Members.

Manning called a mandatory meeting to present this offer to his Members in Suffolk County yesterday, and we were there to tell the truth about how bad this deal is for everyone.

Dennis Quirk (Court Officers), Brian Degiovana (Court Reporters), Billy Imandt (C.O.B.A.N.C.) and myself were outside handing out flyers and talking to Members.

I think it would be an understatement to say that they were very unhappy.

At the meeting, motions were made to allow us to address the Membership. Not surprisingly, all those motions were denied.

The Court Union Presidents will be out at all the Suffolk Courthouses Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Also, we have rented our own space to hold a meeting:

DATE: Tuesday, August 12, 2014
TIME: 6:00 PM


We all know people who work in Suffolk County, so please spread the word.

Joe Walsh

Dinner Dance College Scholarship Application

The drawing will be held at The Court Clerks Association Dinner/Dance on October 25th. The application must be returned no later than October 3rd and must include a copy of the Bursar or registration receipt. Click here to download application and details.

Final Delegate Position Results

Alan Lapkin beat challenger, Ada Dejesus-Milam, in a run-off election for the remaining delegate slot representing the Kings County Senior Court title. The count was 46 to 39. Tina Carolei ran un-opposed filling the Bronx Civil Court position vacated by Mariel Quiles.

Trustee & Delegate Election Results

There were three challenged positions for delegate and one to be filled due to a resignation and another due to expected retirement. The incumbents won two, one is yet to be decided due to a tie. Bronx Criminal Court Senior Court Clerk, open due to a resignation, was won by Joseph Scruggs. Queens County Criminal Senior Court Clerk, open due to expected retirement was won by Wycinna Atkinson. A run-off between Alan Lapkin and Ada Dejesus-Milam is necessary to fill the remaining Kings County Senior Court Clerk position. Kevin McCormack, who retired, position as trustee was won by Kenneth Molloy. Click here to view complete results. Positions are effective July lst.

CSEA Judiciary Contract Ratified

On June 11th it was announced that the contract was ratified by a count of 2,094 Yes, 968 No. There are approximately 5,700 members which account for about 40% of the court system's work force.

Contract Negotiations

As many of you may have heard, C.S.E.A. has accepted a tentative contract offer.

I want everyone to understand that even if this offer were to be ratified by their membership, it in no way obliges us to accept a similar offer.

We want a fair contract that will protect our economic future, not one with so many give backs that we actually fall further behind.

Our Contract Negotiating Committee will be meeting on April 25, 2014 to discuss and further develop our Demand Package.

Click here to view the names of the members of that committee. Please feel free to contact any one of us to share your ideas.


Joe Walsh

The Association is providing a new free benefit to active and retired members and their spouses. HeartScan Services conducts a battery of tests to assess possible heart and stroke risks that may prevent an event through early detection by initiating lifestyle changes and early treatment. The tests take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The benefit is in lieu of the annual physical with Affiliated Physicians or the EBT Body Scan which may be conducted once every 5 years. Click here to view pamphlet. For more information visit their website at Call 1-866-518-1112 to make an appointment.

Beware Medicare's "Observation" Status

Medicare has enacted new rules to reduce the number of lengthy observation stays. Consumer advocates say Medicare recipients remain at risk for surprise bills and should take steps to protect themselves.

Patients are placed on observation care to give doctors time to evaluate whether they require an inpatient stay. But in recent years, the use of observation care has grown as regulators have penalized hospitals for admitting patients that auditors say should receive outpatient care.

Observation status can expose Medicare patients to unexpected expenses. As outpatients, their visits aren't covered under Medicare Part A, which pays for hospital charges above a $1,184 deductible. Instead, outpatient services are billed under Medicare Part B, which requires patients to pay 20% of the cost and imposes no cap on their total expenditures.

Consumer advocates say Medicare patients should ask whether they are considered in patients or outpatients. Those on observation care who suspect they will need rehabilitation services should ask their doctors for help in getting the decision reversed before they are discharged. Click here to read pamphlet.

2014 Court Clerk Vehicle Identification Placard

Return via mail, fax, or email scanned copy no later than January 15, 2014. Complete form, print and sign, then attach photo-copy of registration. Please direct inquiries regarding issuance of the placard to Larry Russo's attention. Note only one placard per active member is issued with multiple Plate numbers indicated if necessary. Click here to download fillable application.

Prescription Drug Benefit

Mindful of the rising cost of prescription co-pays, the Board of Trustees is pleased to provide a new benefit beginning 2013. Once annually, up to a maximum of $150 per family, the fund will reimburse active and retired members co-payment costs. Click here to download additional information and application. Members may scan any claim form to Rocco at or fax to the union at 212 941-5705.

SEFA Campaign

Any employee who wants to contribute to the SEFA campaign is recommended to do so online by going directly to the website.

The State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) is the only authorized charitable giving campaign for New York State Employees in the workplace. SEFA makes it possible for us to make a difference by making a donation to organizations we care about. Donations can be spread over the year through a payroll deduction or be made by check. Donations can be directed to one or more charities of your choice.

SEFA supports non profit health and human service organizations helping thousands of New Yorkers every day. Healthcare, elderly assistance, job training, children's programs and environmental protection are just a few of the vital services supported by contributions State employees make through SEFA.

Making your donation in installments through a SEFA payroll deduction is an easy, convenient way to give. It also enables you to be more generous.

Payroll deductions will begin with the first pay period in January 2014 and continue until the end of the calendar year. You may cancel or modify your payroll deduction at any time by notifying your payroll office in writing. SEFA

Click here to download pledge form.

Click here to view charity listing.

Click here to view addendum to listing.


NEW YORK, OCTOBER 30, 2013, The New York State Court Clerks Association today filed a lawsuit against the New York State Unified Court System for encouraging and allowing court clerks to perform work after-hours without compensation in clear violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The suit has been filed in United States District Court Southern District of New York.

In the wake of severe budget cuts and staff reductions of as much as 15%, Court Clerks along with the other Court employees have been asked to do more with less. Now faced with an ever increasing workload, and OCA’s ignoring our constant request for additional staffing, our members ability to keep pace with the workload has long since reached and surpassed critical mass.

“During a meeting with OCA to discuss the problem OCA acknowledged it would be improper to work off the clock. Yet, OCA refused to do anything to help us stop it. In fact, they sent us a letter to “assure” us that it was not occurring.

“Rather than address the problem the OCA response was to look the other way; even as dedicated, but zealous clerks ‘volunteered’ to work extra hours and on scheduled off-days all without pay – and in violation of Fair Labor Standards Act,” said NYSCCA president Joseph Walsh.

“What is more outrageous is that OCA was not only aware of the illegal activity court managers were complicit in altering records to cover-up the illegal activity.”

“Court administrators dealt with their budgetary problems by simply choosing to ignore the law. The shame is that the Judges who run the Court system, whom we entrust to protect the law, have flagrantly violated the law.

“We believe that no one is above the law and our lawsuit is an effort to hold them accountable,” said Walsh.

Click to view/download copy of complaint

The Health Care Spending & Dependant Care Advantage Accounts

The Health Care Spending Account (HCSAccount) is a negotiated employee benefit that helps State employees pay for health-related expenses with tax-free dollars. This includes medical, hospital, laboratory, prescription drug, dental, vision, and hearing expenses that are not reimbursed by your insurance or other benefit plans. The Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAAccount) is a negotiated employee benefit that helps state employee families who have to pay for child care, elder care, or disabled dependent care while they are at work. Click here to download pamphlet. Click here to download Notice. November 8th 2013 end date is strictly observed.

Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City

Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City includes general tips on how to prepare for any emergency, instructions on how to develop a hurricane disaster plan and secure your home before a storm, and a map of New York City hurricane evacuation zones. Find out what zone you live in and the location of your nearest evacuation center/shelter.

Important Information Regarding GVS

If any member is to schedule an eye exam with GVS and any GVS employee requests our member to submit the Empire Plan health insurance card, the member shall not submit the card unless an explanation is given, what will be done with the information and if a claim will be submitted to United Health Empire Plan. Remember, Comprehensive eye exam is covered under our plan with GVS.

Become a Member of the The New York State Courts Pipes & Drums

The New York State Courts Pipes and Drums was formed by Court Officers from the New York City Courts in 1976. The Band is comprised of Court employees from multiple Judicial Districts who continue to proudly perform at events and ceremonies throughout the State.

No musical background is needed, we have the finest instructors for bagpipes and drums. Classes start in September. Consider being a part of a long standing tradition. Contact Rob O'Connor at 845-661-9025 for more information. See the downloads section for flyer.

Job Sharing

Any Senior Court Clerk looking to job share should contact the Association office for more information.

Claims Submitted to the Union

All claims that are submitted to the Union for payment must have a complete reimbursement form and itemized legible receipt with PROOF of PAYMENT otherwise your claim will be rejected. This applies to all credit card and cash reimbursements submitted for payment.

Items for Sale on the Internet

We are trying a new company for individual items. This is a storefront for some items for sale, you can buy these items one at a time. All items come with a money back guarantee, less shipping charges. Please feel free to let me know how you like this new service.

Dentists can now file your claim electronically with Cook Associates.

Members and Retirees let your dentist know that they can file your claim electronically with Cook Associates. By filing electronically your claim will be processed faster. The average turnaround time for a claim filed electronically is about a week. All the dentist has to do is register with Cook Associates by calling their office at 212-505-5050 please ask for Edward. This new procedure is available to all dentists whether they are a Participating Provider or not.

EBT Body Scan

The Trustees are happy to announce a New Benefit Option to all Active Members and their Spouses. Beginning January 2008, Members and Spouses may choose to receive the (EBT Body Scan) through Inner Imaging and the Continuum Heart Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center.

They are open Monday-Friday 7:30am to 6:30 pm, with some Saturday hours available. The phone number is 212-991-5445. The exam cost for Member and/or Spouse will be $150 for the Heart, Lung scan and $175 for the Heart, Lung, Abdomen, and Pelvis screening. The $200 balance will be paid by the Court Clerk Benefit Fund.

The public pays upwards of $1000 for the procedure. This benefit will be provided once every five (5) years and will count toward your eligibility for Affiliated Physicians screening in year that it is utilized. Any member who had the scan done in 2007 can be reimbursed upon proof of scan.

Treasurer's Report

There are three separate and distinct accounts under the supervision of the Union's Treasurer. The first and main account is where your bi-weekly dues are deposited. This account covers all general operation expenses such as legal expenses, lobbying expenses, officer and delegate stipends and political expenses to name a few. The second account is the Dinner Dance account. This account is funded entirely by the sale of dinner dance tickets and journal ads taken by various law firms. The monies from this account are used to fund ten annual $1,000 scholarships and to pay for any expenses relating to the dinner dance. The third account was set up for the annual Court Clerk Golf Outing. Again, these monies are generated from outing sponsorships and golf reservation sales and are used exclusively for the Golf Outing. At no time have these accounts ever been co-mingled.

Security Benefits Update

The Security Benefits Funds, (The Welfare Fund), are under the direct supervision and managed by the Trustee Board. Unlike the accounts mentioned in the above paragraph, the Welfare Fund Accounts receive their money not from the member dues but from annual contributions from the State of New York as negotiated through the contract bargaining process. All of the accounts are in excellent financial condition with more than adequate reserves. The annual income and expense reports will be mailed to each member in May.